Civil Projects

A selection of our representative projects are as follows:

Second Parking Structure at Vienna Metro Station Fairfax, VA.

Design of an eight acre site for a new six level parking garage structure for 2200 automobiles. Cervantes & Associates, P.C.'s design efforts included the design of grading, drainage, landscape planting plans, stormwater management waiver, 4” sanitary sewer service line to a lift station with a 1-1/4” force main installed by directional boring to preserve existing trees; 2” water line service connection, fire hydrants and a new off-site 2000 lf of 10” water main extension and design of erosion and sediment control measures during construction. Landscape plans for perimeter foundation screening, entry feature detailed planting beds, and street tree pattern and a lighted pedestrian walkway design were provided as part of this project. Design of street intersection improvements – one at the intersection of Virginia Center Boulevard and Nutley Street (Route 234) and another at the intersection of Sutton Road and Country Creek Road. Surveys by C & A included topographic and utility surveys, property boundary surveys and construction stake-out.

Second Parking Structure at Franconia Springfield Metro Station, Fairfax, VA.

Design of a site for a new five level parking garage structure addition for 1,050 automobiles. Cervantes & Associates, P.C. design efforts included the design of site grading, storm drainage systems and application for stormwater management waiver. Underground utility design and relocation include 4” sanitary sewer service line, 36” storm sewer; 2” water line service connection, fire hydrants and a new 8” water main relocation and design of Phase I & II Erosion and Sediment Control measures during construction. Landscape plans addressed screening and buffering of adjoining properties, perimeter foundation plantings plans and entry feature detailed plantings. Surveys by C&A included topographic and utility surveys, property boundary surveys and construction stake-out.

Fairfax Main Post Office Fairfax, VA.

Design of a the acre site for a new two level post office building and a three level parking structure and on grade parking for fifty customers. Performed engineering surveys for street frontage improvements and tree surveys. Prepared design for grading, drainage, stormwater management and erosion and sediment control. Landscape plans include screening and buffering of adjoining properties, tree preservation plans, infill planting plans within tree-save areas, tree survey and health evaluation, and coordination with local and state historic preservation officers. Also includes conformance with the City of Fairfax’s historic district Streetscape planting guidelines and pedestrian amenities as well as tree canopy calculations. Prepared specifications and cost estimates.

National Institutes of Health Waterline Cleaning,
Relining Phases I, II & III Bethesda, MD 20892

Prepared complete design documents for cleaning and lining of 5,500m (18,100LF) domestic water lines ranging in size from 400mm (16") to 150mm (6") diameter cast and ductile iron pipes; including replacement of valves and fire hydrants. Maintenance of water service was provided by installing temporary lines, valves and fire hydrants. Water network analysis was performed for existing conditions and after cleaning and relining utilizing CYBERNET-500 PIPE/KY PIPE SOFTWARE. Prepared drawings, specifications and cost estimates. Detailed phasing of construction activities included three major phases and sixteen sub phases.

MWEAC Building 704/708/712 Parking Lot Improvement Federal Emergency Management Agency

Design improvements for existing parking lots for 201 parking spaces. Re-graded two sites of a total of three acres. Designed new asphalt pavement, drainage stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, striping and lighting. Prepared topographic surveys, drafting and design on AutoCAD 2000. Prepared cost estimate and specifications in SPECINTACT.

MWEAC Roadway Maintenance Federal Emergency Management Agency

Designed improvements for the pavement repair of the roadway network of the entire MWEAC facility. Conducted field investigations and precise field surveys in critical locations and utilized the available topography in other locations.
Designed pavement repairs, drainage, erosion and sediment control, striping and lighting. Drafting was performed with AutoCAD V2000.
Prepared cost estimates and specifications in SPECINTACT.

U.S. Embassy Design, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh is a design-build project for the U.S. Department of State. It comprises of a New Office Building and support buildings associated with the new embassy compound in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cervantes and Associates, P.C. serves as the project civil engineer responsible for site grading, layout, utilities, and physical site security. Physical site security includes identifying minimum building setbacks for blast protection, providing perimeter security through the use of walls, fences, and bollards, and protection of utilities.

U.S. Embassy Master Plan Update, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As part of a multi-discipline planning team, Cervantes and Associates was responsible for producing the civil/site engineering portion of a master plan for phased renovation of the existing Embassy compound in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The project included a trip to the Post where the design team produced a conceptual master plan, which prioritized and phased needed upgrades. This was presented in a design charrette to the Ambassador and embassy staff.
C&A compiled a composite base plan from record drawings and field measurements that to be used as a base for the site planning effort. Included in the survey was an assessment of the site infrastructure to identify utilities deficiencies and develop recommendations for future improvements.
Additionally, local government officials, contractors, and suppliers were interviewed to obtain site-related data for the preparation of an Engineering Feasibility Study (EFS) and Construction Environment Profile Study (CEP).

U.S. Embassy Support Buildings MSGQ and Warehouses for Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The project consisted of the site design of a DOS Warehouse, an AID Warehouse and an MSGQ building in the existing Embassy Compound. The site design included the grading, drainage, water lines, fire water lines, sanitary sewers, electrical lines, erosion and sediment control and architectural landscaping. Additional parking and handicapped access were provided.

U.S. Embassy Office Building Site Adaptation Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Site adaptation of a pre-engineered office building for the U.S. Diplomatic Post in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Site design of grading, storm drainage, domestic and fire water lines, sanitary sewer, parking lots and roads, site security, site landscaping, preparation of construction drawing on AutoCAD V14, quantity takeoff, cost estimates, specifications and testing of precast concrete panels for ballistics and forced entry.

U.S. Embassy Perimeter Security Upgrades, Rome, Italy

The project is to improve the existing Perimeter Security to comply with current security standards. This involved the redevelopment of five existing entrances. The redevelopment was consistent with the historic preservation requirements.

U.S. Embassy Perimeter Security Improvements, Rome, Italy

Participated in the Value Engineering Study of the Civil Engineering design/site design for the U.S. Embassy.
The study included preparation of a report with recommendations with detailed cost estimates, life cycle cost analysis and sketches.

U.S. Embassy Support Buildings MSGQ for Nairobi, Kenya

Cervantes & Associates, P.C. was responsible for the site design of a Marine Security Guard Quarters (MSGQ) in the existing Embassy Compound.
The site design included the grading, drainage, utility services, relocation of existing sanitary sewer and electrical duct bank. Additional parking and handicapped access were provided. Landscape design included flowering planting areas to provide aesthetic screening of active and passive recreational spaces from through traffic and adjacent offices.  Street trees and a grove of trees were provided to create vegetative transitions and to visually soften the steep slopes of the site.  Patio areas adjacent to the living quarters were designed to provide a passive recreation space in proximity to the basketball court. 
Attractive, stone retaining walls were included in the design to assist in grading differentials and to provide ample seating areas adjacent to the basketball court.

JPRA Headquarters Campus, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Preliminary site design for a new two story building and basement addition to the existing Building 358. Design of new parking lot for 196 parking spaces including handicapped spaces for a 285 total numbers of parking spaces including the existing spaces. Preliminary design of storm drainage, stormwater management, water lines and sanitary sewer service connection line. Preliminary plans were prepared in AutoCAD 2000.

DTRA, Parametric Cost Study, Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Parametric cost study and preliminary site design for a new five story building addition at the South end of the existing DLA Headquarters Building, a new three level parking garage structure to the East of the new building addition and a new one story Materials Receiving, Storage and Warehouse Building on the Northeast corner of the site. Preliminary site design included preliminary layout, grading, pavement, drainage and utility service design and preparation of drawings in AutoCAD 2000. Studies were made for vehicular access, delivery trucks and trailer trucks (WB-40) to the new Materials Receiving, Storage and Warehouse Building with deceleration lanes and a new entrance from Beulah Road (Route 637). Performed topographic and utility surveys for the areas of the study, about ten acres.

Extension of Runway 12/30 Dulles International Airport

The project consisted of design of a 500 L.F. extension of a 10,000 L.F. runway, design of bypass taxiways and centerline lights.
The subcontract responsibilities of Cervantes & Associates, P.C. (C&A) consisted of civil design of storm drainage, stormwater managements, erosion and sediment control, earthwork, quantities takeoff and construction cost estimates. C&A also performed field surveys for horizontal and vertical control, centerline profiles, cross sections, glide slope, survey of existing pavement and utilities center line lights and soil boring location. Prepared CAD drawings for surveys and design.

Revitalize Chapel Center, Facility 361 - Project BXUR 99-1022 Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC.

Cervantes & Associates, P.C. was responsible for the design of site civil engineering tasks required for this project. Design of grading, drainage new fire water line, erosion and sediment control plans. Prepared existing condition surveys, topographic and electrical duct bank relocation. Prepared civil drawings in AutoCAD and specifications in Specintact.

Benjamin Franklin Circle, Washington, D.C.

Redevelopment of 12th Street Pennsylvania Avenue, NW and Constitution Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. Complete topographic and boundary survey of project area, redesign of grading and drainage for street and sidewalk. Redesign of street pavement, curb and gutter. Revise existing utilities as necessary to allow for new roadway section.


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