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Mr. Rafael T. Cervantes, P.E.
President/Chief of the Civil Engineering Department

Education: 1975 B.S. Civil Engineering - George Washington University
1977 C.E. Graduate Courses - George Washington University
1957 Land Surveyor/Instituto De Camaguey, Cuba

Active Registration:

1975 Civil Engineer, Virginia, 8444 1977
Civil Engineer District of Columbia, 7130
1977 Civil Engineer, Maryland, 10623

    Mr. Cervantes has an extensive resume which includes thirty-two years of experience as Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager, and forty-eight years of civil engineering and surveying experience in: highways, roads, drainage, stormwater management, parking lots and site planning and engineering for public works, commercial, industrial and residential projects. He has also, for the last thirty years, supervised design preparation for projects such as highways, roads, parking lots, and office and industrial facilities.
    Mr. Cervantes has considerable experience in working with government clients at the federal, state, and local levels, of which sometimes a quick response to projects, such as those involved in open-end contracts, is required.
    As principal-in-charge, Mr. Cervantes prepares project budgets and schedules, develops staffing plans, coordinates with external project team members and provides quality control for all projects. His hands-on style includes serving as the primary contact for contractual matters and dealing directly with clients on project issues whenever appropriate.


Mr. Thomas F. Conlon, C.L.S.
Vice President/Chief of the Surveying Department



Civil Engineering Technology

Active Registration:

1972 L.S., CT., 8791 1985 C.L.S., VA, 1494 1988 P.L.S., MD, 403

    Mr. Conlon has accumulated over fifty years w experience in working on: property boundaries, topographic and utility surveys, geodetic and specialty surveys with global positioning, and inertial navigation systems; conventional horizontal and vertical control surveys. He has carried out photogrammetric and digital topographic surveys (route, alignment and design surveys for highway location, relocation and improvement).
    Mr. Conlon also has experience with construction surveys for buildings; roads; bridges; site development and prepares ‘Quality Control/Quality Assurance’ plans and supervises construction monitoring program.


Civil Engineering / Construction Management Departments

Mr. Greg R. Davis, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer/ Project Manager/ Construction Manager

Education: 1972 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, West Virginia University, West Virginia
1976 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, West Virginia University, West Virginia
Active Registration: State of Virginia Professional Engineer Lic. #0402 018376
State of West Virginia Professional Engineer Lic. #7578
Fairfax County, VA Designated Plans Examiner Registration #129
Prince Williams County, VA Designated Plans Examiner Registration #40

    Mr. Davis has extensive civil engineering related experience in both public and private sectors. He has more than twenty years worth of experience in civil engineering design, with project engineer capacity of both commercial and residential development in the Northern Virginia region.
    Mr. Davis also has had experience undertaking the role of Project Civil Engineer in a multi-discipline team. As Project Civil Engineer he has been responsible for producing civil/site engineering that comprised of new chanceries, parking garages, and support buildings. He also has experience in being responsible for quality control to assure all plans conform to clients' design elements and applicable governmental regulations, as well as site designs which included: grading, drainage, site layout and site utilities coordination, Stormwater Management facilities (SWM), Water Quality Control Best Management Practices facilities (BMP), and perimeter public roads improvements. Mr. Davis has participated in civil/site engineering on these projects: the U.S. Department of State's new embassy compounds in Kyrgyzstan, Senegal, and Mexico, as well as the U.S. Department of State's standard secure mini compound in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
    Additionally he has engineering/design experience working in Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, as well as working as a City Engineer for the town of Morgantown, West Virginia, home of West Virginia University. Mr. Davis has worked as Engineer/Manager of the Morgantown Sanitary Board while concurrently serving as City Engineer. He has also served as Assistant Project Supervisor for the West Virginia Department of Highways supervising field inspectors and performing daily inspection services on interstate highways.


Mr. Haddis Neway
Chief Construction Management Department/ Senior Construction Manager



Structural Engineering - George Washington University
MS Civil Engineering
Active Registration: EIT - District of Columbia

    Mr. Neway is Chief of the Construction Management Department of C & A. He has eight years of construction management experience with C & A, eight years worth of experience with other firms, and has over thirteen years of engineering and construction experience, including experience in: Project Management and QA/QC inspection and testing services of roadways, bridges, airport, hi-rise buildings, and parking structures. He is proficient in understanding the various contract documents, schedules, budget plans, construction plans, and specifications to monitor construction and contract compliance.
    Mr. Neway was the Project Manager for the NATIONAL INSTITUES OF HEALTH (NIH) Building 10 ACRF Parking Structure Rehabilitation, was in charge of a field office with two other inspectors, and was an administrative assistant.
    His work was recognized by the International Parking Institute, who awarded C & A the 2002 Award of Excellence.

CERTIFICATION: Fairfax County Public Utilities Inspector #8211; Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories (WACEL), Certified Construction Inspector (Soil/Concrete) ACI #8211; Concrete Field Testing- Grade I. Moisture/Density Gauge Operators certificate from PSI.


Mr. Jose S. Baralt, Sr.
Senior Civil Engineer/ Construction Manager



1972 M.S. Civil Engineer, University of Havana, Cuba
1978 M.S. Hydraulics Engineer, University of Havana, Cuba

    Mr. Baralt brings over forty-one years of experience in the design, construction inspection, as well as, the teaching and instruction of reinforced concrete structures. He has a broad range of experience in: designing civil engineering projects and producing construction documents, highways, roads, parking lots, bridges, relocation of utilities, stormwater management, and erosions and sediment controls in both government and private sector projects.


Mr. Jose S. Baralt, Jr., P.E.
Civil Engineer



1996 B.S. Civil Engineering, ISPJAE, Havana, Cuba
1988 Construction Technician, IPC Jose Marti, ISPJAE, Havana, Cuba
Active Registration: State of Virginia Professional Engineer Lic. #48376

    Mr. Baralt Jr. has eighteen years of civil engineering design experience in producing construction documents in both government and private sector projects from preliminary to final design. During his last twelve years of working with Cervantes & Associates, P.C. he has developed skills in the preparation of as-built drawings, including grading and drainage design, the on-site utilities design as well as profiles, details and calculations. Mr. Baralt is proficient with storm water management design, wastewater treatment facilities, sewer lift stations, and water well designs.



Mr. Carlos Cruz
Civil Engineer/ Construction Inspector



1984 B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Ciego de Avila, Cuba
1988 Training in Hydraulics and Hydrology, EPROB, Havana, Cuba

    Mr. Cruz brings twenty-nine years of experience in producing construction documents, and extensive experience in using CADD in all phases of projects. His experience covers both government and private sector projects, including: utilities layout, profiles, and preparation of erosion and sediment control plans and details. In addition, Mr. Cruz has an academic background in hydraulics and hydrology engineering.


Mr. Eric Walter
Civil Engineer



2012 B.S. Civil Engineering - George Mason University, Virginia

    Mr. Walter has worked at C & A for the past four years, starting as a summer-intern and then hired into one of our full-time positions. He recently graduated from George Mason University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, and so brings a fresh eye and perspective to our team.
    Mr. Walter's broad range of experience includes design of: stormwater managements, storm drainage, erosion and sediment control, roads, highways, parking lots, producing construction documents for both government and private sector projects, and preparation of as-built drawings.


Surveying Department

Mr. Sean C. Conlon
Surveyor/ IT Technician



School of Communication Arts, N.C.
Computer Animation
NVCC - Fast Track Program CC++ Programming

    Mr. Conlon has experience in preparing topographic and utility surveys, as well as design drawings; engineering plans and profiles, and preparing base plans for utilities.
    Mr. Conlon has surveyed airport rescue and fire fighting facilities, and a number of secure government facilities while at C & A.
    He is in charge of our computer system .


Mr. Stanley C. Moore
Senior Party Chief



Digital Technology
Apprenticeship Program (Surveying)

    Mr. Moore has been with C & A for more than ten years. He has experience in preparing topographic and underground utility surveys for street and road projects, as well as for airport runway reconstructions and airport rescue and fire fighting stations.
    Mr. Moore brings his experience in digital technology to the surveying field. His prior experience in the Marine Corps, Special Forces, gives him the required leadership skills to lead our survey teams.


Mr. Steven M. Hendricks
Survey Party Chief



US Army Artillery Survey Training
Basic AutoCAD

    Mr. Hendricks brings over thirty-three years of experience in performing obstruction and profile surveys. He has extensive familiarity in providing surveys on: elevations in pavement, lighting, storm sewers, aircraft movement, vehicle lanes, asphalt shoulders, horizontal and vertical control for photogrammetric mapping, as well as familiarity in performing geotechnical investigation.
    Mr. Hendricks has worked on a number of survey projects related to airport runways, taxiways and general roadwork, while working at C & A.


Mr. Dennis Tarney
Senior Survey Technician



AS Land Surveying NOVA 1991
Land Surveyors Apprenticeship Program 1991
Active Registration: VA LSIT (2004)

    Mr. Tarney has worked on airport runway and taxiway improvement projects while at C&A. To all these projects he has brought his extensive knowledge in establishing horizontal and vertical survey control; in preparing base drawings and design sheets; in updating maps in expanded areas of design; in establishing outfall surveys of streams; in providing surveys on panel corner locations and elevation, lighting, storm sewers, aircraft movement lines, as well as vehicle lanes and asphalt shoulders.


Mr. Daniel Caudill
Survey Instrument Operator

Education: LA Technical Institute 1993 (Cobal/ Fortran Programming)

    Mr. Caudill has worked on airport runway and taxiway improvement projects while at C&A. To all these projects he has brought his extensive knowledge in establishing horizontal and vertical survey control; in preparing base drawings and design sheets; in updating maps in expanded areas of design; in establishing outfall surveys of streams; in providing surveys on panel corner locations and elevation, lighting, storm sewers, aircraft movement lines, as well as vehicle lanes and asphalt shoulders.


Mr. Nicolae Soare
CADD Technician



Geodesy, University of Bucharest, 2002
Advance Surveying, Northern Virginia Community College 2007
Active Registration: Cadastral Surveying #150 Romania, 2005

    Mr. Soare has worked on a number of projects with C & A. He has experience preparing design surveys, as well as topographic and underground utility surveys for airport runways and taxiways. Additionally he has extensive experience in the reduction of GPS Observations for our in-house use.


Mr. Addis Yesserie
GIS Technician

Education: B.A. Geography - Alemaya, Ethiopia
M.S. Geospatial Technologies - Consortium of European Universities

    Mr. Yesserie is the newest member of the C & A team bringing a background of education and experience in the development of Geographic Information Systems applications to large municipal databases.
    Current assignment is in a supporting role to a 'Project Management Team', providing support to a multi-county agency complying with Federal Regulations.



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