Survey Projects

A selection of our representative projects are as follows:

Reconstruction of Runway 12/30 Dulles International Airport

Prepared MWAA format MicroStation drawings of the field survey of Runway 12-30, a runway reconstruction project. Due to the high demand on Runway availability, all field survey work was performed between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. Using GeoPack, cut cross-sections and profile the centerline of the proposed alignment to quality control all of the field survey data. Provided stake-out and location information of geotechnical investigation being performed by subcontractor (TLB). Provided Civil Engineer and CAD operator to work at Prime engineer office in preparation of design drawings.

Ronald Reagan Int. Trade Center Washington, D.C.

Provided field surveys for the design team preparing plans for the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, 14th & Pennsylvania Ave. NW. The surveys included; site topography; underground utility surveys; project property limits determined by ‘Federal Reservation’ boundaries; building footprint computations; building footprint stake-out for field review and approval. Also, surveys were performed to provide vertical heights of relevant architectural elements of adjacent buildings, John A. Wilson District Government Building & Interstate Commerce Commission Building. This information allowed the design team to closely match building fascia. Followed on surveys including the preparation of Easement Plats for large underground utility structures and the underground parking garage ramp.

Hillwood Museum Washington, D.C.

Prepare a GIS database of an existing 26 acre private museum dedicated to the preservation of 19th century Arts. The data base was used for Master Planning and restoration and upgrading of facilities and infrastructure. The project included digitizing thirty year old base maps and inserting updates to all facilities and infrastructure to reflect current conditions.

World War II Memorial, The Mall Washington, DC.

Cervantes & Associates, P.C. provided the Architectural Design Firms, a current up-to-date metric unit survey of the Memorial Site, including the layout of mock elements of the Memorial for regulatory agency review and approval. Upon award of construction contracts C & A was retained to provide construction stakeout services for the major elements of the projects. The project schedule soon dictated that day to day layout services would be required to keep up with construction of all of the elements of the project. From July of 2002 through January of 2004, C & A was on site providing construction engineering services. From 50’ below grade to 20’ above grade from slurry wall excavation to finish stone layout C & A has been there.

NETC, Topo, Boundary & Utilities Surveys, Federal Emergency Management Agency

The scope of this survey included establishing new permanent on-site monuments; establishing new horizontal coordinate and vertical elevation datum’s; preparing new photogrammetric topographic surveys and location of all surface evidence of existing underground utilities. The campus like setting of NETC is in excess of 107 acres.
Global Positioning Systems were utilized to establish NAD 83 horizontal coordinates and NGVD 88 vertical elevations. Permanent monuments were established at various locations around the campus and are published in book form for the continued use by staff and others working on the campus. New aerial photography was flown to capture the most current conditions of the campus and used to develop topographic data. The final mapping was delivered in digital form at a compilation scale of 1”=40’ with 1’ contours. The existing boundary information based on the time of acquisition of the campus was researched, recovered in the field and included in the horizontal surveys to establish a common database.
Underground utility surveys were performed by first cataloging all of the existing underground utility contract drawing available from the campus. A survey then followed to locate all of the appurtenant structures of the respective utilities. All storm and sanitary sewer systems were opened and measured and cataloged as part of the survey. All other utilities including communication, water, gas, electric and utility tunnels were compiled from field locations and existing record drawings. Also included in the inventory were the locations of specimen trees.
The final data was submitted in digital form.

North Area Improvements II Dulles International Airport

Landside civil design projects under a Task Order Agreement.
Engineering design surveys for the connection of Rudder Road to Cargo Road. Cargo Road is extended Northerly from existing Cargo 6, Building Phase I. Rudder Road is extended Westerly from Autopilot Road to a new intersection with Cargo Road.
Dulles Airport Access Highway survey for westbound realignment and collector / divider lanes.

Lincoln Circle Washington, D.C.

Established horizontal and vertical control, provided topographic and underground storm and sanitary systems in the area around the Lincoln Memorial located on the Mall in Washington, D.C. The project required close coordination between National Park Service the controlling and maintenance, and Eastern Lands FHWA the contracting authority


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